Winners and Hats

The winners have both been notified and now, as promised, the infamous squid hat!

SAM_1553Modeled by the lovely Lady Bones! :)


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2014 Spank or Treat Winners

Shannon and Joelle Casteel! You both have won the drawing for the $10 gift card for the Kindle or Nook, your preference. I’ll be emailing first thing in the morning, because I’m exhausted. I’ll also post a pic of the squid hat.

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Scare Your Pants Off! ( a week of scary excerpts)

Originally posted on Katherine Deane - Romance Author:

scare your pants off week

I love Halloween!

A time of letting loose; wearing masks and costumes; showing your true self; eating lots of sugar and dyes; playing tricks on neighbors; or

scaring your friends.

This week, I will run a series of posts with one theme in mind. To:

Scare Your Pants Off!

Each post will include a thrilling, dangerous, violent, or scary scene.

(I have hand picked these excerpts, and I can tell you, they got my heart racing! :) )

This includes five days, and nine different authors’ works to share with you:

paranormal, thriller, dark fantasy, spanking paranormal, shapeshifters, urban fantasy, horror, suspense, erotic with horror elements…

Authors in the lineup are:

R. Lee Smith, Casey McKay, Dana Wright, Lisa Medley, Laura Smith, Cara Bristol, Penny Alley, Kathryn R, Blake and Darling Adams

And there will be prizes!

  • Free ebooks (Cara Bristol’s ‘Warrior’, R. Lee Smith’s ‘Scholomance’, Casey McKay’s ‘Cursed Waters’, Dana…

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2014 Spank or Treat!

The Spank or Treat blog hop is over! I want to apologize to the other authors. My weekend was so busy, I didn’t have time until this morning to visit everyone. I have to say though, congratulations, ladies! The stories this year were WONDERFUL!!! Demons, witches, warlocks, shifters and a phoenix, with plenty of hot spanking action to keep even the most wayward among us (who would that be…Ana or Kate?) sitting tenderly and happily!


Because Mistress Mine is going into the Spank or Treat Anthology, I am removing it from my blog so issues don’t arise with Amazon later on. I am right now loading up my squid hat with names and the drawing of the winners of the two $10 Amazon or Nook gift cards will be announced at midnight tonight! Good luck, everyone!



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Spanking Round Table: Anal Punishment – Hot or Not?

spanking round table

When I saw this was the topic of this month’s Spanking Round Table discussion, I couldn’t help myself. I had to chime in. What is it about anal–whether for pleasure or punishment–that hits such a trigger for me? And not just for me, but if it’s a discussion, then obviously it’s a trigger for other people as well. Let’s face it. It’s considered by many to be taboo. It’s considered a naughty act that most people won’t admit to…or if they do admit to it, will downplay. “Oh, well I tried it once…it wasn’t for me.” or “Hell no, I don’t do that.” It can be humiliating, slightly uncomfortable to downright painful, and probably the most intimate thing you could ever do with or to your partner, and that right there is probably what makes it a great punishment.

It can take many forms, from rectal temperature taking to butt plugs to anal sex, the punishment is in the mortification of the person who has to bend over and submit, knowing their partner is seeing, touching, and disciplining the “No Zone”.  Which isn’t to say that anal sex can’t be fun. Of course, it can! But when it’s sexy and loving, then it’s just kinky good fun enjoyed by all. When it’s used in conjunction with words such as “naughty” or “bad boy/girl” or phrases such as “You were warned…” or “Obviously, I need to do more than talk before you’ll listen…” or “You brought this on yourself…” then that takes it to a whole new level of stomach-tensing, pussy-clenching (or dick hardening, I don’t judge) dread that at the same time wars with excitement. If you’re anything like me, you’d much, much, much rather be experiencing this as a “good girl” not a “naughty” one. When it’s “naughty”, it can be so much harder to bear. You want to hide your face. You can’t apologize enough, and as the discomfort ratchets each grade higher, so does the remorse.

Look at all the different forms such punishments can take. This is by no means a full list, but only what I can think of at this late at night right before the blog is supposed to post (bad girl, I know).

Temperature Taking:


Using a rectal thermometer to take your temperature because you cannot be trusted to do it orally like a big boy or girl.



Having your system flushed with hot soapy water (or worse, cold water) or an old timey solution of milk and molasses. Often used a precursor to other anal activities, let the cramping and bloating begin.



Not only do you have the sensation of having something inserted inside you, but Holy Hannah, the burn! This is awful on its own but used in conjunction with spanking…OW!

Butt plugs:


Small, medium or large, ridged, veined, penis-shaped, bumpy or spiked, beads of gradually increasing sizes, varying materials including metal, jeweled or plain, hooked, and let’s not forget animal shaped, with lube or without, how long will you have to wear it….decisions, decisions. The only thing that’s certain is when you feel that slow stretch start to happen, you’re going to feel every inch of it going in and it’s going to be in there for a while.

Ben Gay, Vicks, Peppermint Oil, or other burning ointments, lubes and oils:


Pretty self-explanatory. If you use these, you use them at your own risk. So read up on the pros and cons and, if you use any of these on your submissive, I sincerely hope you’ve also had the balls to first experiment on yourself so you know what you’re putting them through. Nuff said.


Oooo! Pretty!

Oooo! Pretty!

Dildos, strap-ons, vegetables…again, I don’t judge. This doesn’t sound like much of a punishment, until you factor in the size of what’s being inserted…or the material. For instance, a glass dildo takes on a whole new level of hell after it’s been, say, put in a bucket of ice water for a while.



Something happens to sex between consenting lovers when it’s being used to amplify discipline. Again, for me it’s that delicate mixture of pleasure and discomfort, of intense mortification and the mental head-space of knowing this is happening to correct a misbehavior. Not because I’ve been good. Not to give me pleasure. But because I’m being punished. This is a powerful head trip. It’s not just physical–although often a level of discomfort is used to amplify the disciplinary factor.

Do I enjoy anal punishments? No, I do not. Do I get them? Upon occasion, yes, I do. For all of the reasons outlined above, I will say this: I much prefer reading or writing about them in fantasy erotica. For some reason, it’s so much hotter when it happens to the heroine of a story than when it’s happening to me in real life.

There are many awesome authors who have chimed in on this topic. Click here to check out what they’ve got to say on the subject of Punishment Anal.


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A Stern Talking To

Maren, I says to myself, you have got to be better about updating your blog!

But I don’t have anything interesting to say, I mutter. How do all these other authors keep coming up with so many new and different blog posts? All I wanted to do was write a book! There wasn’t anything back then in my job description that says ‘and keep a fascinating blog’!

That’s because, I snip back, when we first started writing the Internet hadn’t been invented yet. No more excuses! Write something phenomenal! Be brilliant, damn it!

Oh, my God…Have we had enough coffee today for brilliance?!

Fake it, woman!

Groan…sigh… All right, look…I can either write 2000 words today on this blog, or I can put that effort and energy into putting out the next book. Which is it going to be?

…yeah, okay. I’ll brew up another pot of coffee and get the curry started. You figure out where we left off in Stolen Memories…


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When real life imitates art

Originally posted on governingana:

“What’s happened to Ana Adored?” you might ask.

Ana Adored tells the story of domestic violence and the death of a friend.

Guess what’s been part of my life in the past month?

Sometimes, I think our writer’s brain shuts down and refuses to let us process the art we have created before we knew it would become part of our lives.

I didn’t write the scenes of a character visiting a dying friend; Maren Smith did. Yet Maren has said good-bye to more than one important person in her life, and a few weeks ago I held the hand of a woman who had become my surrogate grandmother. I baked rolls and lemon bars for her memorial service, and I washed dishes and arranged the church fellowship hall along with the others who had known her.

I did write the scenes where characters deal with expressions of anger…

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